# Duga Mracna Noc #

Translated by Morana Ropac, edited by Nancy Lion-Storm

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# Spartacus #

"This two-night, four-hour USA Network mini benefits from some capable direction by the underrated Robert Dornhelm and a suitably charismatic performance in the lead from ER's Goran Visnjic. Visnjic is believable as the conflicted-but-principled warrior." Hollywood Reporter - Ray Richmond

"But it's Goran Visnjic doing the heavy lifting as heroic Spartacus, whose burning dream is to escape the hell of slavery and to help others do the same. 'I'm not a king. I'm something better, a free man,' Spartacus tells his troops after they shock and rock Rome with their bloody revolt. Visnjic, who has one more year left on his current ER contract, is a manly natural out of his hospital scrubs as the slave rebel with a grand cause. He also has the gladiatorial right stuff when it comes to the extensive swordplay and battle scenes in Spartacus. Plus, as everyone familiar with ER already knows, Visnjic can be Mr. Moodily Sensitive in quieter romantic moments. Not that this is some sort of touchy-feely historical epic. The words are just fine. But the action of Spartacus speaks loudly, too. And Goran Visnjic fits right in. Big old gladiator scalpel, please." Detroit Free Press - Mike Duffy

"Goran Visnjic gives the rebellious gladiator more than muscle and machismo - he makes Spartacus soulful." M.S Mason

"Goran Visnjic brings the soothing, heavy-lidded, bedside manner of Dr. Luka Kovac, his ER character, to the role. He's intense, quiet, thoughtful, well-intentioned. But would you follow him into battle? His Spartacus is a reluctant, indecisive leader." People Weekly - Mike Lipton

"Goran has that sad, suffering expression, quite useful for a man who has idealism on his side ... but knows it's a no-win situation." Robert Dornhelm, Spartacus director

# Close Your Eyes #

"In the so-so British thriller, Close Your Eyes, this long-dormant movie profession has been revived as a vehicle for fast-rising Croatian actor Goran Visnjic, and, for a time, he makes something special out of it. Visnjic plays a Middle European hypnotherapist who's recently moved to London with his American wife and young daughter after living in Seattle, where one of his hypnotic sessions went bad and resulted in a tragedy that still haunts him. Visnjic is charismatic, sympathetic and believable in the role, and the first part of the film -- in which he's being drawn into the case against his will and then use his hypnotic skills to get inside the mind of the little girl -- is quite riveting." Seattle Post-Intellingencer- William Arnold

"Fortunately, Willing appears to be as capable with his casting choices as he is at shooting great looking scenes for the screen. Goran Visnjic does a fine job in the lead role as Michael. Sure, the guy is handsome and charismatic, but more importantly, his subdued demeanor and velvety voice works perfect for a hypnotherapist with ESP-like powers. In fact, while listening to Visnjic’s smooth voice as he talked one of his regular patients into a relaxed trance, I had the temptation to close my eyes and go along for the psychic ride. I also like the way that Visnjic never pushes or forces anything from his character, instead showing belief in the script and Willing’s eye for detail the entire time. Shirley Henderson is entertaining and sincere as Detective Losey. The chemistry between Henderson and Visnjic helps keep things rolling along, even during the necessary expository scenes." - Craig Hamann

"For Visnjic, who is sometimes associated with George Clooney because of the ER hand-off, this is his Out of Sight—the first time his potential as a classic leading man has been granted a pinch of credibility. The next step is picking better scripts." Joe McGovern

"It's well executed, with captivating cinematography and laudable acting courtesy Visnjic and Henderson." - Todd Gilchrist

"If nothing else, Close Your Eyes proves that the exceptionally good-looking Visnjic is a totally credible leading man." - Lewis Beale

"Visnjic proves he can conceivably carry a movie if given a chance. But he still needs to find one worth his time." - Christopher Null

"Goran Visnjic is almost too beautiful to believe as anything except a sex object - but the guy has talent if you can get past just admiring him (which takes time, especially when he isn't wearing a shirt or mumbling in Croatian - another sexy accent). He suffers from insomnia, but even dead-tired, Goran still looks good. He does a pretty good job carrying this film and plays well off Shirley Henderson's feisty cop."

"Goran Visnjic wisely continues to choose smaller independent projects to make his impact on film, and will reward viewers with a powerful performance as a hypotherapist with a unique gift." - Edward Havens

"Croatian ER star Visnjic capably embodies the feeling of entrapment of a sensitive man juggling noble instincts with fear of his own extrasensory gifts and guilt over a past episode with a patient." Variety - David Rooney

# The Deep End #

"Making the characters interesting enough for us to believe in that attraction was something we thought about all the time. That was a really important thing about casting Goran -- his skill at transforming his character is remarkable. He's able to be tough when you meet him, then you kind of believe in his heart. By the end of the movie, he's a different guy. As with Tilda, we were attracted to the way you could read all kinds of things in Goran's face. He's just amazing to look at in close-up. You sense something about his thought processes and his history. With Goran, it comes from the life he's led. He is Croatian and fought in the war, and has had an interesting and deep past. He's a relatively young man, but he's definitely seen a lot." David Siegel, "The Deep End" director

"As the other dancer in this tango of loneliness, Goran Visnjic is equally impressive, if in different ways, as the blackmailing Alex Spera. If Swinton shows a woman who is surprised to learn she can care for someone beyond her family circle, Spera is shocked to find he can care for anyone at all. Swinton's is a more quiet performance, rather like the tide as it moves closer to shore, whereas Visnjic is more like the distant rumbling of storm clouds. Visnjic also has the size and the mass to dwarf Swinton, but through what he begins to feel and see, Visnjic becomes little more than a child just as alone and confused as Swinton's character. Because of this unexpected innocence, his performance grows into one that shows the redemption for a human soul. It is proof that no matter how unsavory someone's life may be, there is always a glimmer of humanity lurking and waiting for the right person or action to bring it forward. These are all subtle actions that if left in the hands of under-skilled performers would not be easily seen or clumsily handled, causing the movie to skink and drown. Fortunately, both Swinton and Visnjic have all the talent necessary. As they succeed, so does the effectiveness of The Deep End." Dvdverdict - Harold Gervais

"All of this would be a bit unbelievable were it not for the powerfully textured performance of Swinton. Her busy, domesticated housewife is completely convincing. Visnjic's Alek is layered with complexity as the character continually evolves. The compelling chemistry between the two actors takes this film into new territory, developing into a lot more than just a taut thriller." Cinephiles

"And the only thing I know about Goran Visnjic is that my female pal accompanying me to this referred to him as the 'hottie from ER'. But he has the almost unseen ability to convey menace and sympathy at the very same moment. Not too bad for a 'hottie'. It must have something to do with how his eyes can express things while her words say something entirely different. Already, I can say this guy has the potential to lap George Clooney at the same point in such an early stage in his career."

"But the real find here is Goran Visnjic, whose character really makes the film cohesive. The chemistry between he and Swinton is right on target and the dialogue they utter crackles with electricity when they are on screen together. Visnjic comes into the film mid-way and his arrival is a welcome reprieve from the 'homosexuality is bad' vibe the film has had up until this point."

"Both Tilda and Goran make convincing cases as their characters and Goran, in particular, has the rare ability to make his character, who is the torment of Tilda's for much of the movie, a seemingly likeable guy. Not in the sense that it would be easy to invite the guy over for tea, but in that his problems matter too." Ninth Symphony Films - Kelsey Wyatt

"Tilda Swinton and Goran Visnjic are solid leads, fortunate enough to be playing strong, well-written characters with emotional depth and human strengths and shortcomings. Far from the confines of the ER (but all too close, in one particular scene), Visnjic puts his impressive acting chops on display as a man torn, a man who knows that he has chosen the wrong path, a man who finds himself looking for emancipation. As the leads, Swinton and Visnjic bring a vivid and all-too tragic humanity to their roles, but never resort to the ready-to-use emotionally manipulative handbag of tricks."

"Even though I’ve got some caveats with the film, it still elevates itself with two knockout performances (Swinton and Visnjic’s most intense, morally conflicted moments are all non-verbal) and stylish, but restrained direction." Exclaim - James Luscombe

"Regardless, the resonance of The Deep End comes from two actors. Goran Visnjic, best known from the TV drama ER, is striking as a blackmailer unlike any you've seen before. He engages Margaret in a mesmerizing dance of protocol, chivalry and simmering eroticism." Film Critics - Ed Johnson

"As the blackmailer, Goran Visnjic has a brooding, dark-eyed melancholy, and a pair of dice tattooed on his neck (you get the feeling this is one of several things he regrets in his life); his fatalistic air lends a sort of anguished romanticism to his dealings with Margaret, who discerns in him a troubled tenderness. " The Independent

"Performances are top rate. Visnjic is excellent as a blackmailer with a heart of gold, while Swinton deserves to be nominated for an Oscar. They feed off of each other and both possess a quiet elegance in their vulnerability." - Anji Milanovic

"Goran Visnjic gives his finest performance, since exploding onto Hollywood’s radar in the little seen Welcome to Sarajevo. His Alek is convincingly moved by the troubles of Margaret; and, Visnjic manages to convey every emotion subtly on his face, while his character stands silently by, grappling to be of assistance. In the final minutes of the film, both Visnjic and Swinton shine with an unreservedly human grace that is quietly breathtaking to behold." - Drake Streetman

"Visnjic conveys Alek's ambivalence with the weary eyes of a reluctant predator. It's a finely calibrated performance and a perfect complement to Swinton's steadfast Margaret." St. Louis Post - Joe Williams

"Hands down, the best parts of the film are Swinton and Visnjic. They engage in many feats of acting and come off quite well. Hopefully, Swinton will get some good parts thrown her way because she is what we like to call a very talented actress. Visnjic, on the other hand, needs no help finding parts because he already has a role on that little cult underground show called ER. Now, as an avid and psychotically loyal fan of the little hospital-soap-that-could, I already knew what a great actor he was, but I think that the rest of the world will be surprised at the depth and range he gets out of what is really a two-dimensional character. I hereby proclaim him to be the next big thing and if he’s not accepting some kind of major award in the next two years… well then there’s something wrong with the world." Hybridmagazine - Clint Davis

"It is certainly Swinton's movie, but Visnjic might, in fact, have the most difficult role. As Alek, he must first come across as menacing and eventually win the audience over with his transformation into a compassionate and understanding human being. The method in which both Visnjic and the directors execute this change is masterful. I have never seen a scene quite like the one where Alek visits Margaret's house for the second time and is faced with such a black and white dilemma of morality. Both Swinton and Visnjic prove they know more than a few things about the subtleties of acting. There are many long passages in The Deep End without dialogue where they triumph in conveying their thoughts through facial expressions and body language." Digitallyobsessed

"Swinton and the sexy Visnjic have a synergistic screen relationship. The blackmailer, with a pair of dice tattooed on his neck, starts off as a cold-hearted intruder but doesn't stay that way. Margaret, meanwhile, is drawn deeper into a shadowy, desperate world. Visnjic nicely navigates his character's arc, which takes him to a surprising place." Post Gazette - Barbara Vancheri

"It's also worth pointing out that Goran Visnjic is a splendid choice as a sensitive man trying to maintain a hard criminal edge. The choice was canny, going with an actor who can play mean but whose empathy for other humans is natural and apparent, making it possible to insert sexual tension amidst the commitment and self sacrifice of a woman separated from her husband by his occupation." The Filmiliar Cineaste

"Tilda Swinton contrasts nicely with Visnjic who has an incredible physical presence. His homme fatale is simultaneously menacing and sexy." The News Letter

# Committed #

"Any woman faced with a choice between Goran VIjsnic and Luke Wilson is not going to need to agonize over it. She's going to jump into Goran's arms faster than you can imagine."

"Goran Visnjic is as sexy and charming as he’s meant to be as an artist who falls for Joline" IF Magazine - Abbie Bernstein

"Visnjic is as alluring a stud muffin as any girl is likely to encounter on the border." Film Journal - David Noh

"And then, there is Neal, the man of rugged mystery and Joline’s constant temptation played by Goran Visnjic in what is one the best performances in the film."

"It even delivers unexpected romantic heat on occasion, in moments between Graham and Goran Visnjic as Carl's El Paso neighbor Neil. Neil's full-aura massage of Joline is one of the sexiest screen scenes ever in which no one lays a body part on anyone else." - Scott Renshaw

"One of my favorite people in the whole movie is Goran Visnjic. He plays Neil a strange artist who lives next door to Carl in Texas. He finds Jolin in her car outside his house watching Carl and befriends her. He tells her he finds women so committed to their husbands a turn on. He is really funny and blatantly sexual in the movie. One particular scene with him is pretty erotic and there are not even two people touching in it." Melissa Fennell

# Practical Magic #

"Visnjic, in the inherently juicy role of villain, is fun to watch in that guilty-pleasure sort of way, but he doesn't get as much screen time as his subplot deserves." Film Critics - David E. Smith

"During the 'Thelma & Louise' and 'Exorcist' portions of this film, Croatian actor Goran Visnjic gets to chew up the scenery, and he's not bad." CNN - Paul Clinton

"Practical Magic was surprisingly well-received in Croatia. Quality of the film had little to do with it. The film was hailed as something special simply for having Croatian actor Goran Visnjic in his first major Hollywood role.For Visnjic this film was a good move - his role would later open new Hollywood opportunities." Film Critics - Dragan Antulov

"Goran Visnjic, last seen in "Welcome to Sarajevo", is turned into a special effect before he has any opportunity to do anything interesting with his one-note character." Safe

"Goran Visnjic wrings some real evil out of the Dracula-cowboy thing." - Edvins Beitiks

"Visnjic is appropriately menacing in the film's most thankless role." Nitrateonline - Eddie Cockrell

# Welcome To Sarajevo #

"Making more of an impression is Goran Visnjic. Hired by the journalists as a translator and a driver in the war-torn city, he serves as the soul of the film. His character still manages to have warmth and compassion, despite the fact that his home country is being destroyed around him. In a way, it's too bad that the film didn't follow this character instead."

"Goran Visnjic gives a gently affecting performance and best illustrates the civilians' plight." New York Times - Janet Maslin
"The best revelation of the film is Goran Visnjic, Croatian actor who would later became famous as Dr. Luka Kovac in ER. His character of Henderson's driver Risto, former intellectual forced to renounce his pre-war pacifism, is very convincing and very realistic." - Dragan Antulov

"Also outstanding is Goran Visnjic, who plays Risto, an English-speaking driver who serves as guide to the city for Henderson and his crew. His character's hope and optimism for the future of the country is the bleak film's most uplifting aspect." - Barbara Shulgasser

"As Henderson's Sarajevan driver, Goran Visnjic creates an engaging, charismatic presence." Boston Phoenix

"Goran Visnjic (Risto) is movingly portrayed as the local hired by the TV crew to do the driving and translating for them." Ozus World Movie Reviews - Dennis Schwartz