The song "Sa tvojih usana"

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The song "Sa tvojih usana"

Postby Jendigo » Tue Mar 22, 2011 9:19 pm

Hi everyone,

I came across a lovely song called "Sa tvojih usana" on youtube several weeks ago and I've been on a bit of a online musical quest to find out more about it. The more I listened to it the more enchanted I became with the song and I wanted to find out if there were similar songs out there like it. Some of my searching led me to the Bleu Profond 2 website and forum and, thanks in part to your kind moderator here, I was able to find what I was searching for. I thought I'd share the results here in case anyone else is interested in what I found out.

At first the only names I had were the ones listed along with the song - Giuliano and Goran Visnjic. It's been more than a few years since I watched ER but I still recognized Goran's name. At first I wondered if Goran had somehow managed to be both an actor and a singer but then I did a bit more searching and found out that the song was from Giuliano's album Moje 80e and that Giuliano was really the professional singer and that Goran was more of a guest singer for one particular song - Sa tvojih usana. More searching revealed that the song on Giuliano's album was a cover of the original, sung by a Croatian rock group called 'Crvena Jabuka' in the 1980s. After I listened to the original I was even more impressed with the version on Giuliano's album. Somebody had done a wonderful job with the new musical arrangement of the song.

As someone who was forced, ahem, I mean encouraged to complete all grades of classical piano training I can really appreciate a good piano arrangement. Something about the arrangement, the bossa nova rhythm, the foreign language and the minor slavic chords all came together to create a really beautiful work of musical art. Add in Goran's compelling and exotic voice and you have something special.

While I enjoyed listening to the other songs on Giuliano's CD (man, can that guy ever sing!), none of the other songs were in a style quite like Sa tvojih usana. I wondered (really hoped) that there were more croatian songs out there like it. I tried emailing the email address on Giuliano's website with no luck. I tried searching for information about the song and Goran since there is substantially more information on the web about him, but still didn't find much more information about the song and I still didn't know who had arranged the music or who the musicians were.

Then I emailed the webmaster of this site to see if she had any suggestions and caught some luck. She had the CD and was able to give me a list of the musicians along with an email address for management on the CD. I tried emailing that address and never heard anything back. So I decided to make a guess. I found an email for Fedor Boic, the keyboardist for Sa tvojih usana, and asked him if he was the arranger. To my delight he not only emailed me back to confirm that he was, he also gave me a little bit of background about the song and told me about an album he helped create several years back for another Croatian band. It's called Bossa N' Magazin. It is a collection of "best of" songs for Magazin but in Bossanova style. There is one song in particular on there called "Ginem" that is quite similar to Sa tvojih usana.

So that's my story..... and it is waaaay longer than I thought it would be when I started typing this. It was fun trying to find similar music to Sa tvojih usana and now I have more songs to add to my collection. It is still cold here (I'm in the middle of Canada) so I have given myself the project of collecting beautiful music while I wait for the ice to melt. I will be listening to songs while I travel out to my cabin in the summer (I can't get there right now because it's on an island on a lake).

While the search was fun, what wasn't so fun was seeing stuff about Goran's private life in the last several years that I'm sure he would have preferred to keep private for the sake of everyone involved. But.... it looks like with a new baby on the way and roles in what look to be two great movies of 2011 I think things are looking positive for him. I hope they stay that way. I'm looking forward to seeing Beginners and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

I'll probably be back here every once in a while to check in so I guess this is a bit of an introductory post for me too. I remember being really impressed with the move The Deep End when I watched it back in... let me go check... 2001. I loved how artistic that movie was with water being incorporated into so many scenes. I was a big fan of ER too - it started up while I was going to university and I have good memories of watching it in the company of many friends while in residence. Remembering all this has reminded me how much I have enjoyed some of Goran's work so I think I'll be watching to see what kind of projects he tackles from now on. Plus I found out that he's a big supporter of a cause that has always been important to me - animal welfare. Just for that I'm a fan.
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Re: The song "Sa tvojih usana"

Postby Trainerjen » Tue Mar 22, 2011 9:35 pm

Welcome Jen! What an interesting story! :D Hope you enjoy it here!
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