Sad News/Death of Tose Proeski

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Sad News/Death of Tose Proeski

Postby AzizalSaqr » Sun Oct 21, 2007 10:21 am


During the early morning of 16 October 2007, around 6.20 am, Proeski died in a car accident on the Zagreb–Lipovac highway near Nova Gradiška, Croatia. He was a passenger along with his manager Ljiljana Petrović in a Volkswagen Touareg driven by Gjorgji Gjorgjievski. The Touareg crashed into the back of a truck and then into the median barrier, killing Proeski instantly, crushing the third vertebrae of the neck, although the truck sustained no damage. Proeski was asleep in the front passenger seat at the time of the crash. Of the other two passengers, only the driver suffered serious injuries (head trauma).

Proeski's body arrived at midnight in Skopje by helicopter of the Macedonian army, and was transported by car to his home town Kruševo. Grieving citizens gathered to pay their last respects at the airport and also in Skopje's city square. The Embassy of the United States of America, the USAID and the Diplomatic mission of the European Union published official statements on the death of Toše Proeski. October 17 was pronounced a national day of mourning in Macedonia. The three days following his death were pronounced days of mourning in the City of Kruševo.

After his death, the government of the Republic of Macedonia, gave him the title "Honorable citizen of Macedonia"

State funeral
The government organized an official state funeralfor Proeski, which was held 17 October 2007 in his home town of Kruševo, including military honour ceremonies by the Macedonian army and the National guard, such as a honor guard, a military orchestra and a honorary rifle salute. The funeral, which was broadcasted by the national Macedonian TV was attended by many domestic and foreign delegations, including the president Branko Crvenkovski, the prime minister Nikola Gruevski, members of the Macedonian Parliament and its president Ljubiša Georgievski and other high-ranking officials, the US and the EU ambassadors Gillian Milovanovic and Erwan Fouéré and other diplomats, representatives of the Red Cross, the USAID and other organizations, sport clubs etc. Also, the funeral was attended by many notable musicians from Republic of Macedonia and other countries, including: Karolina Gočeva, Kaliopi, Vlado Janevski, Lambe Alabakoski, Elena Risteska, Jovan Jovanov, Martin Vučić, Adrian Gaxha, Tijana Dapčević and her sister Tamara Todevska, Aki Rahimovski (the frontman of Parni valjak), Toni Cetinski, Ceca Ražnatović, Željko Joksimović and many others. The religious service was held by the Macedonian Orthodox Church led by the Archbishop Stephen of Ohrid, as Proeski was a declared Orthodox Christian.

Numerous websites, blogs and internet forums are filled with the last messages from his fans and friends (example). A petition is available on-linefor Toše Proeski to be remembered by naming educational facilities, like the local Center for Music Education in Bitola, where he had studied to carry his name. Also this petition is to promote an annual humanitarian concert, carrying his name "Tose Proeski" for the poor and disabled and those of desperate need of medical attention. Also, a page for condolences can be found at the Kruševo municipality official website

In Memoriam

Toše Proeski and Tony Cetinski Lagala nas mala

Toše Proeski - vezi me za sebe - HRF 2007 R.I.P
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