Articles & Interviews

# Extra #

Slavcionica Part 1- Hrt (Credit goes to Morana and Nancy Lion-Storm)

# 2005 #

GV on Hvar after Bond Audition - 24Sata
Romance under tropical skies - Story
Three Croatian actors working together - Vercernji-list
Goran Visnjic, Dr Do Good - InStyle
Goran Visnjic steps in where other guys leave off - Redbook

# 2004 #

Oscar ? Zasto ne! - Story
Elektra's Complex - Wizard Magazine
Elektra's Visnjic an SF Fan -
Set Visit Elektra - Latino Review
Torture for the ER doc - The Daily News
Doctor or Gladiator, Visnjic looks good as a flawed hero - St. Louis Post
Visnjic tackles Spartacus with fighting spirit - The Boston Herald
A Slave defying Rome - The Record
A Fresh Take on a Classic Role - The Wahington Post
His Name is Spartacus - Film Stew
Close Your Eyes -
Accent on Talent - Backstage
Busy Goran Visnjic talks about war, Spartacus and ER - Scripps
Actors try to fill sandals, royal shoes, Ike's boots in remakes - Daily Herald

# 2003 #

New phase for Goran Visnjic - Elle
Goran Visnjic helps resuscitate ER - Zap2it
He's Spartacus - USA Today
The Herald Sun
Bad blood gives life to ER doc - Newsday
Animal rights group ads feature Visnjic - The Associated Press

# 2002 #

Who is Goran Visnic and what does he want - Esquire
Inside the troubled dreams of Doctor Sleep - Shivers
ER star in bid to clear land mines - The Mirror
The Need For Speed - Glamour
The hottest hunk in Hollywood? - Daily Record

# 2001 #

Doctor, loner, hypnotist. But not a vampire - The Independent Sunday
Operating in a different theatre - The Guardian
Fast Chat - Newsday
In step with Goran Visnjic - Parade
The Deep End - Entertainment Weekly
Torture for the ER doc - Daily Mail
ER star jumps into Deep End - The Boston Herald
Return of the native - In Style
Doctor of Love - Telegraph
Dr. Feelgood: if looks could heal - Mademoiselle
ER doc Goran Visnjic cuts big deal - Variety
Scoop - People Weekly
ER's replacement hunk doffs the lab coat and dives into The Deep End - Mr Showbiz

# 2000 #

50 Most Beautiful People - People
George who? ER has a new medicine man - Sunday Mail

# 1999 #

Great Import: Croatia's Goran Visnjic magnetically fills ER's George Clooney void - People Weekly
A doctor with a different accent Croatian star warms up to ER - Usa Today
Croat's debut on ER thrills home country

# 1998 #

Imported - People Weekly

# 1997 #

A Croatian Movie Star is born - Denver Rocky Mountain