Three Croatian actors - Visnjic, Serebedzija and Navojec - working together
May 12, 2005

Translation provided by Timcsi, edited by Lion-Storm

Navojec went to LA to learn 'Hamlet'

ZAGREB – since the Ulysses Theatre chose him for the role of Hamlet in this year’s 'Brijuni Summer Theatre' program, Goran Navojec has decided to immediately begin rehearsals in Los Angeles. Yesterday he left for his 12-day stay, to where two great Croatian actors, ex-Hamlet himself Rade Serebedzija and Goran Visnjic, will help him learn the role.

'I'm going to LA to dissect Hamlet, and Visnjic will assist me. He'll give me advice that I'll try not to use in full.' When asked why he'll try out the role in the USA, Navojec answered: 'This is the crucial moment in the creation of this performance, so we have to work together, otherwise it won't make any sense.'

’While Rade and his wife, the director of the show, will be in Croatia I'll be doing 'Na¹a mala klinika (Our little clinic)' in Ljubljana, so we won't be able to work on the crucial parts. I'm looking forward to traveling and meeting my friends, although L.A. is a pretty boring city.'

Hamlet will be shown in the 'Minor' fort on the island Mali Brijun on the 19th and 20th of August at the Ulysses Brijuni Summer Theatre.