Romance Under Tropical Skies
June 2005
Sandra Njavro

Credit goes to Timcsi and her friend for the translation, and Nancy Lion-Storm for the grammatical check-up.

Ivana and Goran Visnjic have spent their 6th anniversary in Mexico, on the Cancun riviera – known as the Caribian sea-pearl.

In sunny Mexico, the land of cactuses, tequila, latino-rhythm and archeological dig sites of old Maya, Aztecs and Toltecs, the most successful Croatian actor with a Hollywood address – Goran Visnjic and his wife Ivana – spent 9 warm and exciting days. There, far away from everyday chores, they have celebrated their 6th anniversary of marriage. Unintentionally!

The Visnjic family doesn't usually celebrate the day they've said 'yes' to each other, but because in may Goran traditionally ends his obligations for american hit-series 'Emergency room – ER', they use the first few days of spring to leave the Los Angeles crowd and go to a peacefull and calm place. Popular doctor Luka Kovac has spent last year's holiday relaxing on the white sands of Tahiti with his wife, and this year they've searched for peace on the Maya riviera, near the Mexican town of Cancun, a well known Carribian sea-pearl because of it's 20 kilometer long beach and it's top quality service and fun which has outclassed even the great Acapulco. The Visnjic family stayed in the beautiful Paraiso de la Bonita hotel, where they rented a room with a garden and a swimming pool. Interestingly, in the same hotel there was another Hollywood star: Tom Cruise, and his new girlfriend, actress Katie Holmes.

During 9 mexican days, Goran and Ivana enjoyed the excellent food and most delicious fruit drinks out of mango, papaya and watermellon, in which the natives put in honey, vanilla and milk, making the unforgetable taste. The visit to town of Tulum (btw, which means 'party' in croatian ), which the mexicans call The City of Dawn, was most exciting. There is the lagest Mayan archeological site, and the view of Chichen Itzu – a secret town in the middle of the forest, with a 23 m high pyramid El Castillo – is breathtaking. But, the most memorable part of Ivana's holiday will be the surprise from her husband: he lended a boat which took them to the old pirate island called Isla Mujeres – The Island of Women, on the east coast of Mexico. For her, the biggest enjoyment was swimming with the dolphins. It was, as she said, the most beautiful thing that she experienced. 'Two of them were pushing me with their noses, and then lifted me high into the air. And when I firmly gripped their fins, they charged with great speed' – reveals Ivana.

After returning home, Goran Visnjic, who has taken the viewer's hearts in the series 'Duga mracna noc' (btw. that's a movie and a drama series in which Goran plays a Croat in the World War 2 – it's called 'The Long Dark Night', meaning the dark times for Croatia from 1941 until 1995.), has gone to London with his friends from 'ER', and then came to Sibenik. Their dog Bugsy has gone with Goran Navojec to Zagreb, and Ivana and their other dog Luigi will soon follow. Until then they'll tidy-up their new house in Sunset which they bought this spring and are moving to in September from Sherman Oaks where they lived for the past 5 years. Soon they'll be all together – in Zagreb!"

"L.A – Navojec visits Visnjic"

Hamlets in armor

To be or not to be – that is the question – the two Hamlets made a joke, Goran Visnjic as the old one and Goran Navojec as the new one. Navojec has spent three weeks under the hot sun of L.A, where he prepaired for the role of danish prince which he'll play this summer in the Brijuni Ulysses theatre, owned by Rade Serebedzije, and he visited Visnjic family for one day.

The two Hamlets were very serious when the sparks flew out of the blades and when their piercing stares announced the fight to the last drop of blood, but soon the whole scene was interrupted by laughter and friendly teasing, and of course a couple of beers. This show didn't lack imagination so the costumes were suited for the occasion: Navojec wore Visnjic's armor that he had on 'Spartacus' two years ago, and the popular Dr. Kovac wore a t-shirt that said 'Trust me, I'm a doctor'."