The Need For Speed
September 2002

"Blame it on James Bond. Ever since I saw those 007 movies, the Aston Martin has been my dream car. I've always said that I'd get one, so this year I bought a DB7 Vantage in British racing green."

"For me, driving is better than fine wine, better than a great meal-- better than anything but sex, really. Going fast is the ultimate thrill. Nothing beats blasting Tom Jones while cruising to Vegas."

"The fun of driving is also about controlling a powerful machine. I take driving seriously, because there's a fine line between driving fast and driving badly. Plenty of guys who drive swing around corners. But with a good driver, the ride is always smooth and the passenger feels secure."

So if you feel like a guy's driving too fast, he is. If he won't slow down, get out of the car. He needs driving lessons.