The Deep End
August 2001
Entertainment Weekly

Age 28, Sibenik, Croatia native, first caught Hollywood's eye with 1997's Welcome to Sarajevo, currently plays Dr. Luka Kovac on ER.

The Secret of the Sympathetic Hood: "I'm playing a bad guy in the beginning, you could say an a**hole, and in a short period of time, he's turning into a good guy. It's interesting, because it's not very possible in real life."

Might he also hide a corpse?: "Depending on the circumstances. If Tilda Swinton's character had just called the cops, you wouldn't have the rest of the movie."

The closest he's come to breaking the law: "Parking tickets. And speeding tickets. I'm a very good citizen."

The benefits of beingg named People's sexiest import: "Not better tables in restaurants, since I'm always sitting on the patio. I'm one of the last smokers, but I've been trying to quit. For three years."

Next up: "This Christmas, I'm going to Croatia to finish a film I started earlier, directed by my wife's father. It's an epic war drama."

On being the biggest star in Croatia: "I'm not the biggest, but at 6'4", I am one of the tallest."